Thursday, July 9, 2009

me too

whenever I see a bike rack on a car, a bike in the back of a car, some kind of biking bumper sticker, someone on a bike, a bike shop, people wearing biking gear, whatever bike-related something somewhere, I get all tingly inside and want to shout out, me too!

it's like a little kid thing: yes, yes, me too! I like what you like! we can be friends!

no, I'm not really that naive, I understand that just because we have a bi-wheeled focus in common we are not guaranteed to hit it off.

but I still feel a little giddiness whenever I see those biking things. and I know it's because I like the connection, the belief in a potential camaraderie, though it may be one-dimensional. a smile creeps over my mouth because I know the joy it brings me, and I feel an affiliation with those who like to experience that same joy. it draws an invisible thread between us, although those other people may never even know it's done so.
this thread is the kind that binds us ever so loosely but oh so definitely to one another: threads of commonality, of connection, of humanness.

and this is why I love my little biking sticker on the rear window of my car: it gives others out there to experience that tiny flicker of giddiness that comes with the thought, me too.


chris said...

this is the one. what a great post.

susan said...

thanks again... it's really great to know I'm not alone! now I don't have to worry about myself quite so much. :)