Monday, July 6, 2009

those p's again

this morning my awesome new tire rode smoothly and beautifully, and I got a long, south and north ride in.
I chose my route based on access to help, as I was using an old patched tube and had not a single spare tube to throw in my bag and carry with me. yes, I know I just went through the whole "prior proper planning" drill, but there are times when circumstances just don't want to play along with my agenda.

this is how it all came to be:

last summer I bought 10 tubes from these tubes are great: they have some self-sealing goo in them and seem to last forever. I went months between flats, and actually got tired of having all those spare tubes hanging around.
so I started giving them away.
here, I have one, don't go buy one, please, take one of mine!

here, happy father's day, go ride!

here, congratulations on graduating high school: use these tubes as you move forward along your path.

and then I got a flat.
then another one.
and then as I was replacing a tube I put a hole in the new one.
and next thing I know, it's sunday night in salt lake city ~ 6:45 pm ~ and I am tubeless. my front tire is ready to roll, and my back tire is brand-spanking new and . . . tubeless.
if you know where to go buy a road bike tube in salt lake city at 6:45 on a sunday evening, please let me know.

knowing I was in desperate need of a ride the next morning, I searched my garage for an old used road bike tube that just might be hanging around. eureka: I found two!
I pumped the first one up, and it wouldn't even hold air long enough for me to track down the hole.
the second one, however, plumped nicely and then spit all that air out of a little slice that was clearly visible. woo hoo!
I cleaned that section of the tube, dried it, roughed it up with my little sandpaper square, then slapped on a clear plastic patch and prayed.
(I also let it sit for a while, sending it good thoughts, letting the patch become one with the tube . . . )
after carefully placing the tube inside the tire, snapping the tire back into position, and pumping up said tube, I prayed again.
and this morning it was still tight and firm, and I hit the road for my much-needed ride.

staying close to cell phone service and potential shuttle drivers.

and this afternoon I ventured out to the bike shop, chatted with my favorite bike shop boy, and bought a handful of new tubes: one of which is already curled up snugly in the little pack on my bike.

because...... ppppppp.

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