Wednesday, July 8, 2009

be right here

I have a business partner, connie, and we have a company that's been alive for 8 years now. we have a gift line that is spiritual and heartfelt, and we ship wholesale to little stores all around the country.
last year we came up with a new concept that we've worked to build a line around, and it's taken us on an interesting journey.

the line is called Be Right Here, and it all began with a little thought I had one day when I was driving. (so did the original line, leading me to think I should get in my car and drive more often . . . )
I was following a car that had one of those white oval bumper stickers with black initials on it that represent some place the owner likes to be. it could have been NB (newport beach) or SV (sun valley) or just about anything. I was looking at that sticker, and thought, gee, wouldn't it be nice if we could all be pleased to be right here, instead of dreaming of being somewhere else.
I thought, this is what we all need, a bumper sticker that stands for Right Here, to remind us that we do our best work when we are fully present wherever we are.
well, connie and I tossed this concept around for a while, and eventually came up with the logo you see above.
yes, we have a white oval bumper sticker that has BRH on it, and a handful of other items whose purpose is to remind us to be present, aware, and alive each moment we live.

and this is being presented to you today because yesterday as I was riding I found myself wishing to be in a different place. wishing for a simpler phase of life, a more stable existence, just wanting things to be different. and then I looked around at the reservoir, the mountains, the blue sky, the sunshine . . . and realized that I'd completely forgotten my very own logo.
I pulled myself back together as that lightening bolt fuzzed around me, gathering in my scattered thoughts and desires, winching back in the parts of me that wanted to disengage.

be right here.
right now.

because reality is that once we embrace what is, it shrinks down to a manageable size and at some future point, resolves itself and fades into the past or a more comfortable present.

and all it took was a lightening bolt during a bike ride to remind me to live what I preach.


Doug said...

I should have known it was fate to come across your blog. We are in the process of organizing a BALLE network where I live and an associated Buy Local campaign. Your thoughts and words feel like they are mine in that I live where and how I do intentionally. How protective are you of your logo and motto? Is it the property of the world or is it tied to your business somehow?

susan said...

ooh, I hate to be selfish, but we do have Be Right Here trademarked and registered, and the graphic is our custom design done by a graphic artist and illustrator, bob commander. where-ish do you live? sounds like you are involved in something vital and meaningful....

Doug said...

I have no doubt that you hate to be selfish and good job on professional design and trademarking.Please forgive me for asking but I am pretty relentless about the don't know unless you ask concept. How are you marketing the idea? Where-ish is Port Angeles WA., super place to call home.

susan said...

my business partner is originally from puyallup, and I'm sure she would agree with you about port angeles. let's see, marketing is not too prominent a part of our plan at the moment: our website is not up yet, and the rep we have for our other line isn't as interested in the new line, so we really haven't much going yet. not something I'm proud of, but it's a work in progress. :)