Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and in conclusion.....

this is it, I am now done.
there will be no more flats in my life.

at least for a little while.

yes, the saga continues . . .

yesterday john said to me (I paraphrase) : you're going to change out that patched tube, aren't you? it probably won't hold up too long.
I responded: I am tired of changing tires. I will just let it happen whenever: at home, on the road, it really doesn't matter, it's a pain either way.
to which john replied: what happened to your prior proper planning??

don't you just hate it when the other person is right?

this morning I got up early, and was ready to leave by 5:35, excited to get up the canyon in the cool morning air. I'd eaten half a protein bar, had my arm warmers on and icy water bottle caged, sunglasses in my back pocket, front and rear lights on, and was ready to roll . . . until I saw that my rear tire was flat. flat. airless. deflated, collapsed, depleted, unfilled, empty, flat.
I was tempted to go back to bed.
I wavered.
coffee was a mere button-push away, and there was a cozy spot on the couch with a good book at the ready . . .
I flipped up the brake thingee, unscrewed the thingees on the widget that goes through the hub of the wheel and holds it to the fork, and pulled the wheel off the bike. my entire body and mind were resisting this activity, with waves of I don't want to be doing this energy flowing off me and circulating around my bike.
which added a good 15 minutes to the process, I'm sure.
most of that time was spent fighting with that brand-new super-tight tire, trying to detach it from its comfy little home. I eventually got one plastic tire lever under an edge, and spent the next 8 minutes trying to get the second one in and doing its job of untucking the rest of the tire.
sometimes I hate being female: I have never seen a guy struggle like I do with this part of the drill.
and everything eventually came off and got switched out and came back together, all the thingees back doing what they're supposed to be doing, and I tucked my tire levers back in my pack, washed my hands, pushed the "wake up" button on my cyclometer, and rolled up the beautiful early-morning canyon.

yes, john was correct. argh.
and yes, I am done with flats. fingers crossed.
and yes, this saga is finally complete.

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