Thursday, July 2, 2009


my knees hurt.
and this is how I feel about it:

ticked off.

I don't want to have any physical problems: the mental ones are challenging enough. I don't want to have a bad back/tight hips/weak knees. I want my body to flow through life with me, giving me the support I need when I need it. I want it to respond favorably to all the stretching and yoga I give it. I want it to rest easily and go full speed when it's time.
I want it to stay relaxed and mobile.
I want it to work like a well-oiled machine.

is there something I can add to my diet that will make my knees happier?

perhaps cookies?
maybe I've just been eating the wrong kind of cookies: maybe I need to switch to oatmeal raisin.

this is the thing about my knees: they get grumpy when I do a lot of climbing. I've had bike fittings and shoe inserts that have seemed to improve or even fix the situation, but now I find myself in this place I've been before ~ experiencing knee pain ~ which frustrates me.
I only like to fix things once!
I tend to think that once I solve a problem I shouldn't have to do it again.
when will I learn?
when will I learn that life is an ever-revolving door? that what comes around usually comes around again, that just like the seasons, certain facets of life revisit us over and over. that deja vu is real. that just because your hair looks good one day doesn't mean it will look good the next. that my face/hair/body/muscles/knees will never miraculously become perfect forevermore?


I guess this is why we have good friends, failing eyesight, and ibuprofen.
so as you read this, if you care to, send up a prayer for my knees, because I really want them to stick around, happily, with me for the rest of my life.
and especially for tomorrow's ride.

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