Thursday, July 16, 2009

this or that or possibly, something completely different

back to decisions:
this happens to me. I can be going along, thinking I'll do either A or B, when I have a conversation with someone who points out that C is an option as well, and next thing I know A and B are out the window and I'm thinking C is the best idea since sliced bread. or air cartridges. or mint mojitos.

what happened is that this morning after yoga I chatted with biking bob, talking about potential weekend rides. he was concerned that both options (those would be A and B, today) would turn into all-day events. he is right about that. and that both were rides where you had to drive to the starting point. oh, I don't like that either.
he mentioned that he'd rather just ride out the door and go up big mountain, down to east canyon, and then maybe go further if he/we/whomever felt like it (this would be C) . . .
he's right, that's what I'd rather do . . .

suddenly C is the right thing.

but then I said, how about doing that saturday, so that if I decide I want to do the Mt. Nebo thing I could still do that on sunday . . .

so now you've been updated with my current thoughts about the weekend rides. I am always torn with wanting certain new experiences, but not wanting to make an entire day event out of them. which then starts me wondering about why that is: why do I not want to spend the whole day out there doing something I like, with people who are probably right up my alley (or bike lane)?
the only answer I can come up with is that there are just too many other things I like to do. or want to do. or need to (eventually) do. (the latter category includes things like laundry, dusting, vacuuming, putting things away, going grocery shopping, keeping up on correspondence, and oh yes, more dusting.)
it's hard to give up the bulk of a day, especially when you return disgustingly sweaty and grimy and tired, to boot.

so, once again I am postponing any real decision. things are formulating in my mind, different scenarios for the weekend adjusting, comparing and contrasting themselves, and I'm quite unsure of the ultimate outcome.

but I have a feeling C will be in there somewhere.

and here's a sneak preview: tomorrow I plan to write about guns.
stay tuned!

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