Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dam dam dam dam dam

I don't like decisions.

ha! some of you are laughing, because you know this about me.

it's usually because I like both or all of the options, and I don't like having to choose just one.
how limiting!
but I need to make a decision about this weekend: there are 2 rides, and be one cyclist I can only choose one.
now if I were a super-cyclist, I could choose both, because one is on saturday and one is on sunday.
some cyclists would do both, but I think I'm better off to just choose one, as they are both on the aggressive side.


so the first option is a saturday ride: the 5 dam ride.
this one begins in park city, and goes past jordanelle to kamas, then through oakley and on to rockport dam, then past coalville to echo dam, then around to henefer (ooh, love that place) and up-and-down to east canyon dam, then up the back side of big mountain and down to little dell reservoir, up little mountain and down emigration to end in salt lake.
91 or so miles, with the frustration of starting one place and ending another.

sunday's ride: mt. nebo.
this one begins in nephi city park, and cruises through all those utah county places like mona, goshen canyon, santaquin, and payson lake, with a description of "major climbing."
70 or so miles, with a long car ride to both get there and get home.

they both pull me, though they both have drawbacks. Mt. Nebo is out there like a carrot: I've never been there in a car let alone on a bicycle. maybe if I knew how tough it was I would drop the option like a hot potato. the Mt. Nebo ride sponsor (the Bonneville Bicycling Club) rates it a "mt. everest: the hardest climbs you can think of."
saturday's ride is more familiar territory, but long and it will be hot and it's got a lot of what I did last saturday.
it depends as well on who might be going on which ride: a friend is tentatively offering her companionship saturday, and the bad ass team is part of sunday's ride. oh, to split myself in two . . .

and luckily it's only wednesday, so I can postpone this decision a bit.

to dam, or not to dam, that is the question . . .

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