Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the neuro 6.0

I haven't grumbled about my cyclometer for quite some time,
mainly because I'd gotten it to a point where it would tell me how fast I was going, what my cadence was, and it would even keep track of my miles.
I was quite pleased with having it function like that.
I'd given up on ever accessing all of the other features it offers (especially after I sent the heart monitor strap it came with through the washing machine: very bad move) :
  • Digital Heart Rate with 5 Training Zones and Real Time Memory
  • Current, Average and Max Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate
  • Weekly Ride Time and Odometer
  • Altimeter with vertical feet/meters climbed and percent grade
  • Race Mode
  • 50-Lap Chronograph w/Interval Timer
  • etc, etc
I was just grateful that I'd figured out how to see how many miles I'd ridden (although I didn't dare reset it, for fear I'd lose all my data, so each ride I had to remember the odometer number I began with, then subtract that from the end-of-ride number) and how fast I was going at any given time.
when I would say I couldn't use certain aspects of my cyclometer, people would ask what part of my cyclometer wasn't working; I would reply, oh, it all works, there's just an issue of operator error.
the operator error was that she (me) was too lazy-chicken-intimidated to put the manual-on-CD into the computer and dig through it to learn how to use the darn complicated thing that has 5 sub-menus to memorize for each push of each button.

until today.

this morning, I put on my bright red cape and blue unitard and learned how to use my cyclometer. ta-da!

watch out world, here I come.

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