Friday, July 3, 2009


my first ride on my first roadbike gave me the opportunity to meet an angel.
he was dark skinned and wingless, wore biking gear, and changed my flat tire for me.
I had left home on my brand new bike without a spare tube, pump, or air cartridge, and of course, I hit a rock on my descent that punctured my rear tube and forced me to a dead stop.

this is embarrassment: to be biking, get a flat tire, and not have the proper gear necessary to fix the darn thing.

I apologized up and down as this dark angel gave me his spare tube, changed out the old one for me, and used his air cartridge to inflate the tire again.
he graciously shrugged off my thanks, and headed off up the hill, and I have never seen this man again.

today I met 3 more angels. this time I at least asked their names, so I can be a little more specific when asking the universe to assign extra karma points.
rick donated a tube, a cartridge, and emotional support to my cause, while jed and greg came through with a ride and some great conversation.
and all I could think of is thank you God, for sending me more perfect angels exactly when I needed them.
I don't know how to express my gratitude and wonder at how well taken care of I was today as my rear tire blew two holes, my spare tube turned out to be hole-y, and my carefully-patched-together tire (with 2 dollar bills performing the role of "boot" in said tire) finally sported a third hole which caused me to come to a literal and figurative screeching halt.

the details of my ride are overwhelmed by the existence of the karmic help floating around today, and what really matters is only the amazing willingness of strangers to help a stranded cyclist. this is what is true: we are most fulfilled when we give, and thus it is a gift to someone when we allow them to be of service to us.
we are alone only when we allow our minds to tell us so.

I gifted 3 kind and generous souls today, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and a desire for their paths to somehow be made easier by some other souls as they continue on their journeys. I can't possibly know their needs, but I can at least offer up the hopes that rick has a great rest of the weekend with his daughter and family, that jed's car's air conditioning system returns to complete health, and that greg's first ironman competition is smooth and safe and leaves him with a significant sense of accomplishment and competence.

and thanks to all of my other angels out there ~ who are plentiful and oh so generous ~ those with wings, and those without.

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