Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what 365 means

ask most anyone what 365 represents, and they will answer with "a year," or some variation thereof.
it's become part of the lingo "24/7 365", implying that whatever is being discussed is on someone's mind constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (which really should be 24/7/52, but who's argueing?)

a number of artists have created collections of 365 things, whether they be photographs or items or drawings, and I, today, am rounding out my collection of 365 postings.

which pulls me toward a discussion of where in the world I am headed with this? why am I doing this? is there an end point? how long will I continue to feel that a daily posting is necessary? will there come a point where I will pace myself differently?

all along, the one year mark has been my carrot.
and you know how I like carrots.
I've reached the magical 365 number before reaching my one year mark, allowing me to ponder what comes next a while before "next" begins.
and these are my thoughts.
this format has allowed me to exercise my writing skills on a daily basis, which is what my initial intent was in creating this web log. it has challenged me to formulate my thoughts in an at least somewhat cohesive manner, and to present ideas in ways that have some freshness to them. my commitment to daily posting has kept my nose to the grindstone, and has resulted in a deeper internal understanding of just what makes me tick.
always an observant person, I have become even more so as I drink everything in in hopes of sparking my creative wires into a conflagration.
I have become less concerned with how others view me, as I continue to put myself out there, realizing I have no control over what happens in anyone else's mind.
each time I have censored myself I have questioned the need for it, thought through possible outcomes, and made a decision based on the good of all, not just my own.
I love my commitment to this practice, and I love the freedom of occasionally "pre-blogging" so that I can take a day off.
I will never know who is touched by what I have to say and how they might be altered, but I believe in the process of planting small seeds everywhere and in every way I can.

I have 18 more days in which to ruminate about what it is year two will bring to this quiet little site. it may change very little, or I might make a more dramatic decision about how to move forward. regardless, it will continue on in some fashion, as it has become entwined with the core of who I am.

three hundred sixty five means, to me, a circle of movement in which millions of small things change, a handful of elements rotate through predictable passages, and a small number of core facets remain deeply and wholly true.
at the end of my first 365 days as a blogger, it will hopefully be apparent to all of us which are which.

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