Tuesday, December 23, 2008

plumbing postscript

my sink no longer leaks.
and I did nothing else to fix it.

I'm humming the twilight zone theme song, can you hear it?

I'm tempted to leave it right there: finis. perfectus.

but of course I can't leave it there. obviously, there is more to the story. but the truth is, I don't know what the rest of the story is.

I replaced the part, I tightened everything up, and it leaked.
I tightened things a little more, and it still leaked.
I left it alone for a day,
and it stopped leaking.

now, I'm thinking it's possible that the little bit of goop (could it be plumber's putty? it seems like I've heard of something like that) I saw by the mouth of the pipe somehow attached itself to the part that needed a better seal . . .
I'm also thinking it's possible that something just went beautifully well in my universe.
that does happen occasionally.
like this morning in yoga.

we were doing mountain poses with a foot crossed over in front and above the opposite knee. then we bent forward, arms bent and hands in prayer pose by our hearts, squatting down and resting elbows on knees. more or less. and my balance was perfect.
I experienced that feeling that all of us who work hard at something live for: a feeling of joy that my work has resulted in an improvement. after 18 months of yoga and hundreds of weight room sessions spent balancing on a bosu ball, my balance has improved.
I was outwardly calm. I breathed. and inside, my little kid self was saying woo hoo!

it's nice when the universe gives you good experiences, those that make you feel cuddled and protected and as if you're part of life's flow.

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