Monday, December 22, 2008

the clothes we wear

this is obviously going to be on the lighthearted side, which is possibly a welcome relief for us all. no goopy sentimentality, and no preaching. whew.

I passed a man in the gym the other day, and this is what he was wearing:
beanie on head, dark brown leather dress jacket, navy blue warm-up pants with white stripes down the side, and cycling shoes. oh, and glasses.

this is what I wear to the gym: yoga pants (you know, those stretchy black things that aren't too tight and end well above one's ankles), sports bra, tank-style workout top, socks, tennies, my ipod in its green armband, and a light zip-front jacket.

this is what I see at the gym: everyone pretty darn comfortable in whatever they wear, be it tight capris or loose gym shorts, and old tee or a cycling jersey.

there's one couple who come work out together and both wear black bottoms and orange jackets.

some people wear bike shorts (which I have been known to do, when I hit the weight room after a spin class) and even bike shoes (which I would never do, because I can't stand to walk around in those things).

there is a noticeable lack of make-up in the facility. I love that.

most women have tame and pretty decent looking hair, however, which amazes me (at 6 in the morning, mind you) given the way I look when I wake up.

some men wear hats while they work out, and my question here is, doesn't their head get hot?? I don't think I'd like working out with a hat on my head. am I to extrapolate from this that men are more embarrassed about morning-bed-hair than us women? or are they just less capable of making it look decent without a real shower? thoughts to ponder.

there are a lot of funny-looking tennis shoes (trainers would perhaps be a better word, if I may borrow that from the brits) out there.

I am the only one I've ever seen there with a bright green ipod armband. hmmm.

I rarely notice anyone's socks. perhaps I should pay more attention.

and by the way, I am still wearing a good portion of what I wore to work out in, let's see, about 13 hours ago . . .
I'm off to the shower!

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