Saturday, December 20, 2008

mastery, humility, truth

I could have not said anything.
I could have left it alone, let you continue to think that I had mastered plumbing 101.
but that would create a lie, a lie of omission, something my girls have been learning about this year.

yes, my sink drain pipe is (and I am debating how to phrase this): either leaking again, or still leaking. the former seems more accurate, but then again, so does the latter. regardless, I have an issue.
and I'm hoping it's just that I need some of that plumber's tape stuff. I haven't yet done my research on the internet, so I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking that has to be the problem. pull the slip joint back off, wrap a little tape around the end of the pipe, then tighten the joint back together: presto! I'll be back in business!
I hope.

this is how I deal with cycling issues as well. I learn so much better by doing: I am just not as adept at applying what I've only read about, or (worse) what I've only heard. I need to do. and I don't need to always do it right the first time, although that would be lovely. to do it, then do it over, then perhaps even do it a third time, is all okay with me, as long as I make progress each time. the "P" word is creeping up on me: practice, practice, practice.
for instance, I am much more efficient at degreasing and lubing my bike now than I was a year ago. at this point, I know what I'm doing, I have an understanding of why I'm doing it, and I have not only the tools but a systematic way of approaching it. these all converge to simplify the task and make it bearable.
and the flat tire thing: each time I get a flat and have to deal with it, I get a little bit better. better at the physical job of fixing it, better at understanding why it happened, and better at handling the trauma and drama associated with it.

the mature part of me is grateful for all of these experiences, knowing that they are strengthening me, making me more capable and compassionate at the same time. these events give me opportunity to stand on my own, be the effective, efficient person I am at my core.

the rest of me, however, still wishes someone else would just fix the darn thing for me, so I don't have to spend more time making stupid mistakes and being frustrated.

with a towel on the floor catching the drips.

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