Wednesday, December 24, 2008

one hour

I went to a spin class this morning, Christmas eve, and it was packed. full of lots of people like me who --- I think ---- just wanted to feel good about eating so much these next couple days.
according to my heart monitor, I worked off about 630 calories, but I have to tell you I almost died doing it. I didn't mean to, but I worked excessively, extremely, ridiculously hard. my heart rate hit a new high indoors, my legs wanted to give out, and my face took on a permanent flush. sweat was pouring off me, dripping onto the rubber mat beneath my spin bike. I watched little sweat drops forming on the back of my hand . . . knowing that's what my upper lip looked like. by the time class was done my towel was almost as wet as if it had just been through the wash.
SO, to make up for this, I had 6 pieces of fudge and about 6 cookies this evening. whew, I'd hate to let my calories expended get above my calories inhaled.
it was only an hour, but what an hour.
the good news is that I think I'll sleep extremely well tonight: I won't need to worry about visions of sugar plums keeping me awake.
merry Christmas!

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