Monday, December 8, 2008

live bravely

it is snowing like mad outside, and I am feeling
a: glad I went on the rides I did this past weekend, and
b: glad I can't ride today.

it's so gorgeous out there!
bill rode with me on saturday, and shared this great thought: I'm happy if it snows, and I'm happy if it doesn't. if it snows, he can ski, if it doesn't, he can ride his bike. what he called a win-win.
and of course it goes much deeper than that: it's an outlook of whatever happens, I'm going to be okay with it, and even happy about it.
this may not necessarily make bill a better person, but it certainly makes him more content than a great many of us.

this morning while listening to my ipod, I heard a song by Jewel that I haven't heard in a very long time, and one particular phrase stuck with me: I want to live life bravely. what does this mean? I can't know exactly what she meant, but I can build my own interpretation here.
to me, to live life bravely means to be exactly who God (or whomever) made us to be. to accept the imperfections and funny parts and embrace fully our humanness. to do what makes our hearts sing, to honor our commitments, to be compassionate and filled with empathy. to lend a hand and accept a hand.
to step blithely around fear, and keep heading in the direction our feet want to take us in. to give up embarrassment and shame and a sense of lack. to sometimes wait patiently. to sometimes throw caution to the wind and reach out for what it is we want. to accept setbacks, to always learn, but to never give up.
to walk a winding path, to charge straight up the hill. to experience free-fall, and to slide down with a rope between our hands and knees.
to accept what comes our way.
to mold our corner of the world.
to radiate joy.
and peace.
and to hold high your head no matter what.
to live a life bravely.
this has got to be another win-win.

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