Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a rabbit tale

this afternoon I had two kinds of help getting up to the top of emigration canyon: a tailwind, and a rabbit.
the tailwind needs no explanation, it was just a glorious thing giving me pushes around corners and a gentle hand behind my back.
the rabbit was actually two. two rabbits: one in blue and one in pink, riding together.
I first saw them at the top of wasatch drive as we were coming up through the golf course heading to the mouth of the canyon. they were about a quarter mile ahead of me, a guy in blue and what looked to be a girl, in pink.
I saw them next rounding a curve just as I started up the canyon. then again at the end of a straightaway I had just curved into. the peek-a-boo game continued as we wove our way around curves and up the road. I even timed the distance between us a couple times, checking to see if it was remaining constant or if I was slipping and the time was increasing. they passed a white mailbox and I clocked the time until I passed the mailbox: one minute. they crested the rise, and I crested the rise one minute later. I couldn't gain on them, but I didn't seem to be losing ground either.
each time they disappeared around a bend I powered on the speed, hoping to catch sight of them again before another curve took them further away and out of my view.
I chased those darn rabbits all the way to the top, where they were standing astride their bikes, pausing.
you guys made great rabbits, I told them, I kept seeing you, trying to catch up, and I never could.
I looped around, smiling at them, and they smiled back and the blue rabbit then said, hi susan.
hi! I said, grinning at them both. well, I'm off ~ have a great ride! and I took off toward big mountain.

I have no idea who he was.

and if it was you and you're reading this, will you please let me know?
because I am embarrassed.
I spent the next thirty minutes trying to figure out who he was, then another half hour rehearsing how I could have handled it differently so that I would now know who it was:
Tyler, is that you? I could have said, allowing him the opportunity to say, no, it's Jim.
or Tom.
or Ryan.
or George.
it could have been Jason.
but darn it all, helmets and sunglasses are much too good of identity-disguising tools.

maybe it was Jason.

I had a great ride this afternoon, the only flaw being this little niggling question of who my blue rabbit was.
and my little bit of resulting embarrassment.

if you know the mystery blue rabbit with the cute blonde in pink who hit the emigration summit today about three pm, you'll make my day if you'll just please tell me who it was.

it may have been Jason.

or not.

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