Saturday, May 15, 2010

cleats and pedals

these are all things I could write about today, having ridden the infamous Salt Lake Century earlier today:

the perfect riding weather
the million-and-one potholes on the streets
the fact that I went through a pothole and both my water bottles went flying
my forever-now-lost water bottle
how long it takes to catch back up to your team after you have to stop and look for water bottles
how nice the bad ass team members are
how many hundreds and hundreds of other nice people there were out there
the bugs I tasted
the other bugs I tried really hard not to taste
how much time I spent with my heartrate in zone 4B
how many people I flew past
how proud I am to wear a bad ass cycling jersey
how close I am to buying the bad ass cycling shorts that say you-know-what on the rear
the snow capped mountain peaks, from layton to sandy, that I was able to enjoy today
why century organizers insist on making their rides 104, 106, 108 miles......

but the only thing I really want to write about is the amazing sound of 60 cyclists clipping back into their pedals after stopping for a stoplight, then moving forward again when the light turns green. there is just something powerful and uniting about that sound. and as much as I love my time riding all by myself, in a strange little way I look forward to the next time I'm able to hear the sound of a slew of cleats clipping into pedals worn and owned by people who just might, possibly, enjoy that unifying sound almost as much as I do.

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