Wednesday, May 5, 2010

not the only one not to be thwarted, or, how my right foot got wet

tuesday I set out to conquer big mountain.
I was thwarted. at mile marker 6, about two and a half miles from the top, snow took over the road. footsteps ventured a mere three or four feet up into it, and the solid, thick blanket nestled quite comfortably atop my only road to the summit.
my conquering was not meant to be.

so today, two days later, I once again set out to conquer big mountain. since my previous attempt we've had some sunshine, some warmer temperatures, and not too much moisture, so I decided today was the day.

all was well, beautiful, really, until I was so darn close to the top that I was not to be denied.
ideally the pictures would be the ones to tell the story, but I'm going to have to help them along. so here we go:

the picture above shows what I encountered just about one kilometer from the top. the road was dry, and then the road was covered with snow, with just a single, fat track heading up and around the curve. hmmm. I saw footprints off to either side, one here, then one there, then one here . . . and continued on. I unclipped my right foot, and pushed myself along by tapping it down every few feet. in the slush, the snow, the deeper snow, then as I emerged around the bend back into the slush and then soon, back onto dry pavement. I am not to be thwarted today.

the rest of the story continues below:


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I expected during this week to see some mention of the L****** word. And you are doing it again?

susan said...

oh.... thanks for bringing that up! guess I'll have to write about that today...