Wednesday, August 27, 2008

porcupine on the hill climb

just because I find it humorous, I have to share this.

I rode in the dark this morning, in the bike lane, up emigration, with my headlight. said headlight sheds a small circle of light, which is quite helpful for detection of things-in-my-path, but it works best when I'm actually watching the road.

at one point this morning I was NOT watching the road until a dark, lumpish shape suddenly appeared in front of my tire and I ran over it before I could react.

"I just ran over an animal!" I said, thinking to myself it was either a hefty squirrel or a cat, and either way, the animal was a dead, non-moving lump.


so of course on the way down, now that it's light, we have to look to see what was there (if anything, is bill's thought I'm sure).

can you say porcupine?


this just goes in my book as one more strange and hopefully non-repeatable biking experience, like crashing on railroad tracks, and the time I ran over a slithering snake.
perhaps new batteries in my light, or perhaps just a stronger commitment to watching the road, or perhaps both, will be in my future.

[for those of you who aren't tied in with the local cycling world, every year the Porcupine restaurant sponsors a race from their location to Brighton resort, which is called, of course, the Porcupine Hill Climb.]

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