Friday, August 1, 2008

i can ride a bike with no handlebars

WOO HOO !!!!

there is a guy who must be a commuter who rides in my neighborhood sometimes. he can ride in slush, sitting upright, sipping a coffee, no hands on his handlebars at all.
I have the greatest admiration for him.

so I have this secret goal of learning how to ride without using my handlebars.
I am a chicken. I am still learning how to ride in my dropbars, and I'm terribly nervous about not being steady. so for me to be able to ride without holding on is SO far down the road . . . until last saturday! my back was killing me, my arms were aching like crazy, and I just sat up and let my hands off the bars and oh my gosh, I was still going forward, smoothly, and nothing bad happened! it went on for the longest time, and before I knew it at least 3 seconds had passed! wow! and then I did it again, and then one more time . . . I am on my way.

look for me next fall, riding in slush, sipping a starbucks, hands free.

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connie said...

Isn't it called "no handed"? Well at least it was when I was 10. I think you still need the handlebars though dont you? Please find a safe place to try that tomorrow. I am sorry that I am the friend that put the fear of God in you regarding your ride tomorrow. At least I made the pages of the blog. Have a wonderful time. I know you will do great and blow past those boys up the hill. Sorry for being the worrisome mom.

me :)