Thursday, August 14, 2008

fantasies, part two

"perception is reality."
we've all heard this, in one form or another, at least once. I take it to mean that we all see things differently, and what we see or perceive is true for us.
which is terrifying, in a way, if you think of it on a broad scale. we could go into a discussion of quantum physics here, but I couldn't do it justice, and while quantum physics seem to be in vogue, it is quite difficult to bring down to earth and make user-friendly. to even imagine that we create our own reality is mind-boggling.

so for today I'll stick with this: what I perceive to be true is my truth.

so, that means the dead bug carcass I saw while riding last week was real.
at least for me.
I saw this huge insect carcass on the shoulder of the road, and my first thought was "huge dead bug," and my second thought was, "no, it was a pinecone." even my own mind was trying to talk itself out of accepting its reality. the body was huge and orangish and basically the stuff of nightmares. a little bit further up the road I saw another one, not quite so large, but still scary. and then I saw one more, that could have been just part of a body, I'm not sure, as it was just a quick glance as I rode past.
after passing these three things, my mind went to work.
ooh, gross, scary, that thing was huge! this is totally what nightmares are made of, or maybe, some really good young adult fantasy books. kingdoms where huge insects reign, or maybe they're just the military force like the wicked witch's flying monkeys.
after my ride I came to my computer to search the internet for information about what this carcass could have been. well, nothing seemed to fit. and everyone I told about it would get this skeptical look in their eye, like, sure, susan, uh-huh, you saw a really big bug. like that fish grandpa caught a few years back . . . it was this big . . .
I stand by my truth. I saw a big hideous, huge, scary bug body. It was rusty orange and had hairy legs and it was at least three inches long, and when I run out of writing material I am going to start a fantasy novel about a kingdom protected by fighting forces made of platoons of them.
because these darn things are real.
at least for me.

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