Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on the road

so far, this best-version-of-me who I'm working on being in each moment

is more patient.
rolls her eyes less.
is more thoughtful.
says yes more often.
says no with great love.
is much more patient.
thinks first.
doesn't ask why quite so often.
is more grateful.
realizes there's all the time in the world, even when it doesn't seem that way.
keeps on doing crunches and ab work.
is calmer.
isn't as anxious.
still goes to power camp, still sweats, still works.
still reads, makes her bed, feeds the dog.
chops wood, carries water.
has no idea where she's found all this patience.

she still likes candy (cookies, cake, pie, chocolate) though, so I'm pretty sure it's still me.
just a slightly improved version of me, one which feels really good from the inside.

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