Wednesday, February 15, 2012


there are 22 me's.

on some things we agree, on some things our opinions and truths vary dramatically, and on many things we debate, discuss, and negotiate our way to a middle ground.

all 22 of us felt fantastic about yesterday's time trial---after it was over. about 18 of us were confident going into it and performed well for all 25 minutes at VT (ventilatory threshold). 3 felt a little ill a few minutes before the starting bell but eventually came around, and 1 was resistant until the last five minutes, when she decided she'd like to keep going, at least another 5 minutes. she was outvoted.

a good 17 of us like protein and search it out, knowing it's important to this composite active body.

only about 4 of us like fruit.

all 22 like vegetables, but only about 2 are willing to do the the prep work of cleaning, cutting and preparing them.

all 22 love roasted root vegetables, but again, less than 5 are willing to work very hard for them.

20 love red wine, and about 15 know when enough is enough. maybe 16.

all 22 have sweet tooths bigger than their heads.

all 22 crave carbohydrates, all the time.

about 17 are supportive of power camp, but all 22 resent the alarm clock each weekday morning.

18 are patient. usually.

21 love a great book, about 5 will read a so-so book if there's nothing else around.

1 is politically aware. okay, maybe 2.

14 love being alone, six crave company, and the other 2 can't decide.

20 of us are fiercely independent, and 6 of us want nothing but to be taken care of. yes, I know the math doesn't work.

all 22 love dumb jokes, all 22 love to laugh, and about 2 are able to re-tell jokes.

I think 1 of us loves to spin her legs around like a gerbil, but the other 21 would rather do just about anything but.

19 of us want to grow old(er) gracefully, and the other 3 don't know what the big deal is about.

16 of us have been adamant about not doing lotoja again this year, while 6 have whittled away at them, saying well, what else are you going to do?

9 admit they might be in a rut, 9 don't want to think about it, and 4 worry about how that will change.

I'm pretty sure all 22 of us love coffee, with milk and some fake sugar.

21 of us are driven to write, while 1 only wants to nap all day. make that 20 and 2.

15 want to stop blogging because their minds are so full of other writing work, 5 think it's good practice and don't want to stop, 2 think it's not quite time to release this commitment for a reason they won't disclose. for some reason those latter 2 hold a lot of weight with everyone.

all 22 of us are tired of shuttling our daughters to and from school, sporting events, piano lessons, friends' houses, this practice, that practice, concerts, dances . . .

and, finally, on a typical nice day with no power camp, only 13 of us really want to go get on our bike. 5 can be convinced fairly easily, and the other 4 drag their feet.
but when we eventually pull it together and get out there and perch upon that saddle, pedaling away, it only takes one little swoopy hill to unite us in joy and whoops, where all 22 of us reconnect with our shadow and become entirely, blissfully complete.

(until 5 start complaining about their left quad, and 3 decide they're hungry, and 2 want the ipod, and 3 really wish they didn't have to go all the way to the top of the hill . . .
thank God we all come back together on the way back home, all 22 of us, who agree to eat something sweet the minute we walk in the door, and then, probably, have a nap.)

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