Friday, October 1, 2010

reptilian day

today was a day for personalized license plates.
if only I had a photographic memory, or could snap photos on a decent camera (which would not be my cell phone) while riding, then I'd be able to give you a list of at least thirty or forty.
the ho-hum tame ones I remember are NANIVAN, and 3ISENUF.
and then came the fun ones.
see, this morning during my ride I was in the middle of a dodge viper car rally. I actually believe they could have been looping from foothill up emigration, down parley's canyon and then back up again. either that, or there were a good hundred vipers driving up emigration this morning. either way, it was quite fun. just like I love riding in a marathon, I love riding in a car rally: it's great to be in the midst of people who are doing what they love to do.
(I will refrain from judgement here: just because some people's passions involve fitness-related activities, not all people's have to. I'm sure many of those viper drivers exercise regularly and are quite fit and healthy.)
so, because of the facts that (1) I do not have a photographic memory or take great pictures while I'm riding, and (2) most of these cars did not have front license plates, so I could only read those plates of cars that were heading my same direction, I don't have a very long list to share with you.
but here are those that I memorized, just so I could come back home and write them down for you:
COPRHD (this was the first one I noticed: car was copper colored, driver was a redhead)
FLY BY U (yes, he did)

all in all it was great fun, even watching the photographers at the top of little mountain snap photos of the cars coming up the hill (I'm sure I'll be photo-shopped out).
the cars were pretty much all driven by men, but I did see a few females sitting in passenger seats.
I have to be careful here, because there may come a day when I'll view the world through the front windshield of a dodge viper.

but I doubt it.

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