Sunday, October 3, 2010

rubber band man

drove past me this morning . . .
which made me grin.

but today's real story is about rubber bands.
about the fact that the city library system uses rubber bands to attach slips of paper with names on them to the items being held for those people. a few months back, somebody high up in the library powers-that-be decided that each branch should have their own color, and my local branch now has big, fat, hot pink rubber bands around the books you pick up off the hold shelves.
about the fact that I was singing Rubber Band Man to myself as I was riding up big cottonwood canyon yesterday. you know, the song recorded in 1976 by a long-lost group called The Spinners. just for fun, you can click here and check it out, if you've forgotten this classic: rubber band man.
office max used this in their back-to-school commercials a few years ago, and it's just one of those songs that has stuck itself somewhere inside my memory bank and just won't let go.
and it was revived yesterday thanks to john and his buddy casey.

casey is the cycling guru at the health club john belongs to, and a few weeks back john shared with me this casey-ism about climbing: as you're heading up a hill, pick an object somewhere in the distance, and imagine there's a huge rubber band connecting you to that object; then just let the rubber band pull you up to the object and bingo, you're there. then pick another object further up the road, a new rubber band (or the same one, if it worked well for you) and keep on climbing.

yesterday I decided to try this. so I visualized a big, fat, hot pink rubber band looped around a pine tree way up the hill and me much further below, and let it just pull me up.
and it did a pretty good job.
then I thought I'd try a yellow rubber band. I looped it around a telephone pole way up ahead, and it did pretty well, also.
I tried to use a green one, but I just couldn't make it work and went back to pink.
while singing Rubber Band Man to myself, of course.

it's probably a good thing I was riding by myself.

but I cruised up the hill in record time, and even felt so darn good I climbed guardsman pass as well. I forgot to use the rubber band trick going up guardsman, however, probably because I had depleted all brain cells within the first mile or so of that leg.

hot pink seems to be the best color, so my thought is that next time I'm at the library I'm going to ask if I could please, pretty please, keep one of those rubber bands so I can wear in on my wrist next time I ride my bike up a hill, to remind me of this great trick.
I don't need anything to remind me of the song: I'm pretty sure it will magically appear in my brain every time, from this point forward, that I ever see, use, or even think about a rubber band.

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