Friday, October 29, 2010

cinderella story

I am having a cinderella moment.
in the past few days a deer has run in front of my bike, and a weasel has popped his little head and body in my path. teeny little fruit flies keep swirling around me, and today while I rode, little birds followed me and chirped and sang the entire time.

I feel like cinderella in her pretty blue dress, surrounded by adoring critters.

another way to look at things:
I live in utah and it's fall, I ride in a canyon where I often see critters.
the other day I threw out a rotting red onion that was hanging out in my kitchen.
and it's just possible that my bike has a little squeak.


I would love it if I could ride my bike and look like a princess while doing it. you know, perfect makeup, clean and sweat-free hair, a beautiful dress that flatters instead of those abhorrent bike shorts, soft lighting and gentle music instead of squint-inducing sunlight and car horns.
I wouldn't even mind being surrounded by adoring critters.

but my reality, I fear, lies in the third paragraph above.
now I have a plan for the fruit flies, but the bike squeak has me stumped. it's one of those "now you hear it now you don't" utterances, and since it was chilly this morning and I had my headband on, all sounds were muffled and I don't really know where it was coming from.
and here is one of susan's little secrets: I don't really like to work too hard at anything.
for me to figure out what's wrong with my bike will take time, patience, and effort. I'll have to ride it around, trying to replicate today's situation, hoping the same sound will be produced. then I'll have to focus my hearing and determine where the squeak is coming from. then I'll have to use what little I know, and try to connect a moving part with the sound.
all of this just so I can take it in to my bike boy and say,
"it's making this squeaky sound sometimes, but not always, and I think it's coming from this little place but I can't really tell and can you figure it out because I can't?"

sounds a bit like a cinderella might, doesn't it?
all I need now are a few little mice to run around and help me do the sewing, and I'll have it made.

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