Wednesday, August 11, 2010


one of my many thoughts this morning:
I am one of the luckiest people on earth.
this had to do with the fact that I had just had a great ride, and was sitting in my cool and comfortable house on my favorite aubergine couch, book in hand, coffee beside me, with my purple chenille blanket wrapped round my legs. and I had a little bit of time before I had to hit the ground running.
wow. blessed am I.
and here's one of my many blessings: I have so darn many great places to ride my bike that I can't keep on top of them all. things change, and I don't find out about it until the next time I ride there, at which point I ask myself, gosh, when's the last time I was here?

this happened to me monday, on wasatch drive. there have historically been two cross streets on wasatch that do not have stop signs while wasatch does. the stop signs on wasatch are clearly marked "Cross Street Does Not Stop." these intersections are bummers for us on bikes, as both the cross streets are of steep grades: while riding we must almost stop to get a clear view of whether or not a car is coming.
and now there is only one such intersection. sometime in the recent past they have changed one of these intersections to a 4-way stop. I didn't realize that monday until I was staring at the big vehicle coming down the hill, waiting for it to keep going down, trying to understand why it was stopping. then, light bulb, I saw the back of the octagonal sign on the corner where it was stopping. I wonder how many more times I will wait for cars on that street to keep going through the intersection before I finally learn that they must now stop. old habits die hard, don't they?
and this morning's bit of news-to-me (but not to the rest of the east canyon biking world) is that there is brand spanking new not-yet-striped asphalt on the road up big mountain! this is a big WOO HOO! it's not the entire road, but at least a couple long and a few short stretches, and they covered most every place where the road was breaking apart. and it is asphalt, not chip seal. alleluia! why is their budget bigger than emigration canyon's budget? no one even lives in east canyon, and all of those thousands of people live in emigration . . . hmm. don't understand that one.
but the point is, there has been new asphalt there for at least ten days and I wasn't on it until today. (I had seen the sign a few weeks back, road work july 27-30, so I knew something was up.)
and someone changed one of my intersections and I didn't even know it.
and this is all because I have too many options each day that I wake up.
what a lucky girl I am.

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