Saturday, August 7, 2010

food choices on Excellent Training Rides

I like to eat.
I'm afraid to list everything I've eaten today, for fear I will scare you. so I will only list what I ate during my Excellent Training Ride today:

half a banana
3 tablespoons trail mix
a slice of orange
a good sized oatmeal raisin cookie
another half a banana
4 red vines okay, maybe 5
another slice of orange
a margarita Shot Blok
a quarter cup trail mix
another half a banana
a small plate of pasta with spaghetti/meat sauce
a tortilla chip
half a cinnamon raisin bagel

and these are the things I passed up:

rice krispie treats
more fruit
nutrition/protein bars
more really good looking cookies
salted pretzel/cracker mix
cream cheese for my bagel
breadstick to go with my spaghetti
and so many other things I couldn't believe it

it was the Ulcer ride today: Utah Lake Century Epic Ride, or, gosh, this thing gives me stomach pain. it's one of those "flat" rides full of wind and smelly places and "interesting" views and only 1300 feet of climbing spread out over 110 miles.
I must say that most of the time I had no idea where I was, but only part of the time did I wish I were somewhere else. it was an Excellent Training Ride, which is the name I give rides that are full of pain. in this case it was wind-induced pain, which was expected yet nonetheless Absolutely No Fun. except for those few miles when it was directly behind us, of course.
all in all, it gave me good practice enduring times of frustration, pulling others at a decent pace, and making nutrition choices at rest stops.
please note: I did not say "nutritious choices," I said nutrition choices.
time for a chocolate chip cookie.
catch you later!

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