Saturday, August 21, 2010

number seven

it's possible that some of you think I am relentless, driven, overly focused, or perhaps even a little nuts in my biking plans and goals.

you're allowed to think whatever you'd like, of course, whether or not I agree with you.

but a certain topic arose in my mind today, and I wish to use it to prove that I could be worse.

the topic is this: States I've Ridden My Bike In.

because I added a new one today, and I'm excited about that. this brings my grand total to seven: utah, wyoming, idaho, colorado, nevada, arizona, and now montana. as I've mentioned before, seven isn't so terribly many when you consider the fact that our nation possesses fifty, but I'm still pleased that I'm up to seven.
now enters the thought I had earlier, the thought that will prove I'm not so over-the-top as one might think: I have no desire to ride my bike in all fifty of our states. this isn't a goal, not a "one day" wish, not even a tiny bit of a "wanna."
see? I'm closer to normal than one might think.

actually, after today's ride from west yellowstone to old faithful to the continental divide and back, I don't know that I ever want to ride my bike again. at least not if there's any wind involved. (wyoming holds the trophy, title, and crown of all wind-related subjects and experiences.)
but I'm excited to now tack montana onto my list of states. it doesn't matter to me if the list ever grows from here: I'm just excited, happy, and pleased to be where I am.
right where I am.

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