Monday, August 17, 2009


you know I like signs.
they make me giggle, and life is better with a few giggles in it.

last week I noticed ~ finally, as they've probably been this way for months or even years ~ that someone has added round red stickers atop the deer's noses on the "watch out for deer" signs along wasatch boulevard. yesterday I even noticed a white, round sticker in that same position, and figured it was red so far back that the sun has completely robbed all of the color from it.

I just love people with a sense of humor. fun humor, not sick or twisted or degrading or raunchy.
in fact, today on the radio I heard a joke I'll pass along to you. I've talked before about how I am the tortoise out there on the road (slow, steady, eventually getting there), so this one hit home:
what kind of phone does a turtle use?

a shell phone.
and his service provider is Sprint, of course.

okay, back to my favorite sign from yesterday's ride.
it was on a car, some kind of thing that looked like a PT cruiser, which was painted black and had this white sign on the doors and back window:

Paintless Dent Repair

now that I'm writing about it I don't get quite the same kick out of it as I did when I was oxygen starved, nutritionally depleted, and coasting down a hill . . . but even the memory of it makes me smile.

and I'll close with a dumb-blonde joke my kids told at dinner tonight:
a blonde is in a hardware store looking at a display of thermoses. she asks the salesman what a thermos does, and he replies,
it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot.
the blonde thinks this is just great, and buys one.
the next day she has it with her at work, and her boss walks by. he asks her what she's got in it, and she replies,
two popsicles and a cup of coffee.

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