Friday, August 21, 2009

latex gloves

yesterday I was with my oldest son at his physician's clinic, where he was having a procedure done. at the beginning of the process the doctor and the physician's assistant snapped on their little disposable latex gloves, and after they completed one section and moved on to the next, they took off their old gloves and snapped on new ones. they carefully rolled the un-clean ones down their fingers, trapping all yucchy stuff inside, and disposed of the old before pulling on the new.
there's just something terribly important about people who have to wear that kind of glove to do their work.

I felt just as important today when I took out a pair of disposable latex gloves and pulled them onto my own little hands this afternoon so I could perform a vital procedure. if you could have seen me, you'd of seen a big, self-satisfied grin on my face as they snapped into place. ah, I, too, am important and about to undertake a significant task.

the cleaning of my bike.
which usually leaves me in need of a shower, complete with three kinds of soap and a brillo pad.

last time I cleaned my bike I was hit with inspiration (after I was finished, of course). my hands were filthy, grease was embedded in the edges of my fingernails, and I knew I'd have to rub my hands raw in an effort to clean them. then inspiration hit: I had a small box of disposable latex gloves in my cupboard. duh! I could use them when I cleaned my bike!
which is what I did today.
which limited the mess to just speckles on my inner forearms (is there another name for those?) and insteps, from the toothbrush's flying grease missiles.

but the cool thing is that I felt like a professional.
a professional what, I have no idea.
but it was fun for a while. especially the snapping on and peeling off.

tomorrow I am off to ride the big warrior-fool ride: my post will be slight. look for the major update/recap on sunday, and have one!

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