Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the FOUBMID award

I won it today.
a self-bestowed award, of course, but an award nonetheless.
I still count them, even when I have to give them to myself: if I sat around waiting for the world to hand them out to me, I would be sitting around waiting most of my life.
nix that.

so I just jumped in there and gave myself the First One Up Big Mountain In Daylight award this morning, and I am darn pleased to own this one.
(I had to qualify this award with the "in daylight" appendage, because it's entirely possible someone could have snuck up and down the mountain in the dark without my knowledge. I'd feel terrible claiming an award I didn't truly win.)

a while back bill told me about sitting at the top of big mountain, eating breakfast, at 7:15 one morning (okay, "breakfast" consisted of a power bar and a few swigs from the gatorade-filled water bottle), and since that time I think I've held that in the back of my mind as an enviable experience. so last evening, when I was thinking about today's ride, I decided I had enough steam in me to get out early and get my butt up to the top of big mountain in time for my own little morning repast.

and I did.

thus at 7:10 this morning I crested the summit and dismounted, picking my way carefully across the gravelly lot and toward the bench that faces south-west-ish, looking out over the massive expanse of trees and hills and valleys and peaks.
I paused.
I sat, unwrapped my sweet-n-salty nut bar, and nibbled as I surveyed the peaceful kingdom that came with my award.
it echoed back to me pride and justice, strength and omnipotence, and a quiet self-knowledge that all is right in the world.

happy birthday, barack obama,
and happy award day, susan.
may we both have many happy returns.

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