Sunday, August 2, 2009


this morning the air was cool, the sky held a few small clumps of clouds that sheltered the sun, and these are the images I want to share with you:

the late summer creek that has settled into a peaceful, quiet flow, the surface silent and smooth, with a slow-moving current visible beneath only when you look deeply and intently into the water.

big sister deer leading her little fawn brother across the road 15 feet in front of me: she looked both ways before crossing, then ran and leaped across the yellow guardrail, her little brother gracefully following suit. picture my grin, and the joy on the faces of the 2 cyclists coming downhill who paused to watch, as I did.

the glass-smooth reservoir, shifting from dark stormy blue to deep green, with narrow, etched furrows lying straight behind the two canoes moving sleekly across the surface.

hundreds and hundreds of cotton ball cloud puffs sprinkled liberally over the northeastern morning sky.

brown-eyed susans, lining the road by the thousands, their faces all turned to the east.

these alone were enough reason to ride today.

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