Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the one thing having to do with cycling

yesterday I shared my dream. it has already faded for me, had even faded by the time I went to bed last night. it had slowly changed from vivid to just a remembrance to a questionable event. did I really have that experience?
which is why I needed to document it here, to put it into words and down on paper so that I know it did exist.
I mentioned that it perhaps had one thing in common with cycling: that one thing is peace.
my dream swam in peace, from jake's voice to his words to the feeling surrounding us all.
and my biking is all about peace: the peace I feel as I pedal away and above the sometimes narrow existence we experience here in our valley. the peace I feel when I become absorbed in the natural world that surrounds me, where all artifice is gone, where nothing exists that is not deeply and truly real.
maybe this dream stripped away all the unnecessary, all of the sugarcoatings and pain and the fitting-in of what really doesn't fit anywhere. my dream was about the essentials: the peace and love between the purest forms of both my son and myself.
just as my cycling lays bare the purest form of my human self: working my body to its limit, me against me, the silence, the solitude, my total submission to the natural world around me.
peace, and love.

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