Friday, January 23, 2009


it took about 18 years for me to catch on, but when I did, I bought into it completely. it's become my mantra, and my way of working through this life experience.
what, you ask?
a catchphrase that's been out there since july of 1988, when dan wieden put together three simple words in an effort to help nike sell more stuff:
just do it.

honestly, for 18 years I never really got it. I exercised---usually aerobics, step classes, spin class---semi-regularly, depending how crazy my life was, but I wasn't ever focused seriously on something until I started riding. therefore, the nike slogan was just that to me: the catchphrase of an advertising campaign.

but a couple years ago it started to sink in. it began to resonate with me, and I suddenly got it. no complaining, no excuses, no bragging, no apologies or justifications: you just go out there and do it.
when you want to, and when you don't.
when it feels great, and when it feels crappy.
when you're energized, and when you're tired.

this morning my alarm crashed into my dream world at 5:15. it felt like 5 minutes before I could find the snooze button, which is what I have to hit first before I'm awake enough to turn the alarm itself off.
I lay there thinking of how good more sleep would feel. of how I could maybe go work out later (ha). of how I've been unwell and maybe sleep was more important than exercise.
then I got up.
and got myself to the gym.
halfway through spin class I was on a high, feeling all of those endorphin-related feelings: I was alive, vibrant, competent, capable, strong, tough . . . and I was exceedingly grateful that I'd gotten myself out of bed an hour earlier. if I could bottle that feeling, and just give myself the tiniest dose of it at 5:15 there would be no delay at all in my getting-up process.
I don't always feel terrific during my entire rides or workouts, but there are always moments of pure joy and exaltation. feelings that I can't replicate when I stay home and sleep in.
staring out the window during class this morning, watching the rain in the lighted spheres of the tall spotlights, I thought about how important it is in life to just get up/get out and do it.

from my nike workout top to my nike cycling shoes to the nike logo in my brain . . . I guess I'm a walking (and cycling) advertisement for the power of a slogan.

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