Sunday, January 4, 2009

the iris

It's so much more enjoyable to receive my inspiration from a ride up the canyon, surrounded by trees and hills, sunshine and fresh air, than it is to search for that same inspiration in the 18 x 30 foot spin room.
but circumstances are such that the spin room is where I went today; the predominant circumstance being the outside temperature of 14 degrees this morning. brr.
64 degrees in the spin room, about thirty sweaty bodies taxing the systems of the four floor and four ceiling fans spinning themselves in an effort to cool us all. I dripped my way through another hour of obeying mimi's commands, putting tension on and taking it off, sprinting and climbing and all of that. I stared at the poster of Lance in front of me, and I started reflecting upon role models. thinking how much good Lance Armstrong has done for cycling, for athletes in general, and for cancer patients and survivors. this one, single man has inspired millions, myself included.
and then there's mimi. a petite bundle of energy, stamina, and enthusiasm, she brightens my spin routine. I find inspiration in her energy, consistency, and positive aura.
and bunny, who works out every weekday morning from the time the door open at five until we wave goodbye at six.
and I could go on and on. for I find inspiration in almost everyone, because they are all moving forward in some great or small way. they are working with what they have, choosing to make the best of it, and participating in life.
I see this everywhere, in the energetic or weary smiles of those leaving the jcc after their workout, in the laughter of kids sledding down the hill at the park. in the notes I receive in my mailbox, in the kindness someone extends by holding the door for me. in the silly emails that get forwarded by friends, in my neighbor's wave as she passes by on her daily walk.
I find inspiration whenever I make eye contact with someone: this is my real fuel. and it is so powerful that it can't be taken lightly: when we truly look someone in the eye we exchange a little piece of our divinity. it's an acknowledgement, a recognition of someone else's humanity, which could not exist without the divinity. it binds us, it bonds us. it is sometimes more than we want to give, for it is a commitment to truth and depth.
I've paused and pondered here, for I could wander off and write in a direction or two, but I will just leave it here, that my greatest inspiration comes from normal people who are brave enough to move forward, open their eyes, and connect with others.

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