Wednesday, July 30, 2008

to taper

three facts I learned this morning:

1. wasatch boulevard between big and little cottonwood canyons is a mess.
2. little cottonwood road is closed, heading east from wasatch (9800 s.)
3. even 46-year-old (MIDDLE AGED!) women in unflattering biking shorts can get whistled at by guys in trucks.

I am tapering this week.
this is a concept I'd first heard of about a year ago, and I must say it's kind of a fun one. in a layperson's words (that would be mine), it's about letting your body prepare for an event by resting and lessening your training intensity.
since I am riding a long, challenging century this coming saturday, I thought I would try this tapering guideline I read in bicycling magazine. so today was a 3-4 hour "moderate" ride, to deplete my carbohydrate stores so that my body is prepared to have that happen again in 3 days.
now, truly, I believe I have enough carbohydrate stores to last me a good few years . . .
but, I am playing the game, because the other three rides this week are mellow, and it just sounded like I should give it a try. anything to help me complete this saturday's ride!
I tend to work, work hard, and fear that if I stop I will lose everything I've worked for. I have read that it's difficult for many athletes to use their will to hold back at times: to spend long enough warming up, to lighten up on recovery days, to not push as much as they think they can all the time.
I don't claim to be an athlete, but there seems to be a lot of wisdom in having that discipline.
I am working on it.
now, the discipline to carbohydrate-load: that one comes quite easily to me!
off to eat more chocolate cake,

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