Monday, July 28, 2008

meg ryan

have you seen City of Angels? it's a movie with meg ryan and nicolas cage, and although the story line is a little odd, the overall impact of it is powerful and beautiful.
one scene in the movie is set in lake tahoe (which I love; okay, does anyone not?) at a time when meg's character is the happiest she's ever been. she is riding a bike downhill, and she takes her hands off the handlebars and closes her eyes, just reveling in the perfection of her situation. you can see the joy on her face, you can feel her complete bliss.

I am practicing being meg.

beacon drive is where I do this.
when beacon heads west off wasatch boulevard, the street swoops around and down, and this is where I practice taking my hands off the handlebars, raising my arms in joy and freedom, and experiencing that triumphant feel. today I lasted my longest yet: almost 6 seconds. I don't close my eyes, but I am everything that meg manifests in that scene.
this is why I cycle.

because those moments are my reward for all the work and effort I put into this. I earn those moments, and I relish them. I only swoop after I climb. and I can only take my hands off the handlebars because I've spent over 6000 miles getting comfortable enough on my bike to do it.
the best things in life are not given to us, but are earned by us.

I picture meg ryan's face and I know that my joy is as great as her characters', my joy is as great as my grande coeur can hold.

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