Sunday, July 20, 2008

fuel, shoes, and couplehood

well, I didn't ride my hundred today: my route planner was a little off in his calculations, and with 73 miles up we decided not to stress about adding the extra sixteen necessary to make 100. and although at that point we were feeling a little beat up, we refueled and could have kept going to our original goal. Ah, what a lesson. I can keep going as long as I keep refueling. I have always struggled with refueling, thinking that it's not always necessary, or I don't know what fuel I need, or that it may be selfish and greedy of me to do so. and though there are certain fuels we all need ~ food, hydration, sleep ~ other fuels can be unique to a person. I've learned I need space, peace, silence, creative outlets, and laughter, among other things. and I have friends who need contact with other friends, gatherings, music, and action movies . . . just as tigers need meat and rabbits need greens, we all have fuel requirements that are unique to ourselves.

So I ended with 84, and called it good. this is big for me, as I usually push to make those goals happen. I am trying to not be so determined, to try to flow more . . .
which leads me right to the flowing river we rode alongside for a while, the Weber. water is soothing, peaceful, invigorating, dramatic: I love the sound of it as it tumbles over rocks in the streambed, and it just fills my heart with joy.

and I also find great joy in street names and signs that I see while on my rides! I collect them, mentally, and know that there is a reason for this. today's favorite: Wooden Shoe Lane. there is a story here! there are stories everywhere. we all have a story, every place has at least one story, every being on this earth has a story. what if one day we all had the wisdom to unearth and listen to these stories?

in closing, toward the end of our ride we were in an area populated with pedestrians and cars, and I rode past an older couple, standing together, waiting to cross the street. I want to grow old with someone I love, cherish, and respect. I want to hold hands and walk together, down a path we create ourselves. I want to wait patiently, knowing that we will cross the challenges of our lives together, when the time is right.

214 miles in this week.....

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Lady Di said...

Susan, I too want to grow old with someone I love, cherish and respect. I love your new blog. Diana