Saturday, July 19, 2008

super saturday

hi all,
today's ride was brief, as I am planning to do a hundred tomorrow. but what a morning: I met a handful of friends, and thus we started later than I usually do. seven-thirty start at hogle zoo, which became about a seven-fifty-something start . . . this is not easy for me, as I am a "go get it done" kind of person. chatting, well, can't we do that while we ride? what do you mean, rest at the top, don't we get to rest on the way down? oh, truth, so difficult to face in oneself.
so, one person pealed off and went home at the top of emigration, I continued with the group up to the top of big mountain where one other joined us, and then I left for home while the rest planned to ride to henefer and then back.
there were cyclists everywhere . . . I have never seen quite so many out. I have noticed there are more out this summer than last, but today was like a party. maybe because of the later start, maybe because more people are riding, maybe my eyes are just a little more open.
riding up big mountain I was with andy, who has one of those great toys that tells you all sorts of statistics about yourself and your ride. which was great fun, as he kept me updated as to the grade of the road. I'm into grades: just how hard is this? should I really be in zone 5 right now, or am I being a wimp today? how does this grade compare to what I rode yesterday?
I have toy envy.
so, andy let me know every time we hit one of those 9% grades, as I watched my speed drop from six-point-something to five-point-something . . . I really hate riding in the fives. but the fours are worse, and there are certain stretches of road where I can't even get to 5 mph without killing myself.
so now you know the truth.
I am a tortoise, a faithful, committed, determined, capable tortoise.


Holly L. said... friend

I'm shocked and delighted to see this embrace of the world of technology. I don’t know why it should surprise me though. Maybe it’s the vision of prying a writing utensil out of your hands, so your fingers would be free to type. Chop Wood, Carry Water and all that...............

I haven’t dusted off my bike yet this summer albeit not out of laziness. I’m in marathon training mode. (details over coffee) Seven miles on the pipe line this morning, while you were lounging atop your saddle, just kidding. I’ve never, ever, seen you lounge while riding. Unless you were waiting for me to catch up that is!

Anyway, good luck in the blogosphere and with that 100 in the am.

and remember..............

“When the lowest vertebrae are plumb erect,
The spirit reaches to the top of the head.
With the top of the head as if suspended from above:
The whole body feels itself light and nimble.”
The Classics of Tai-Chi-Ch’uan

Be light tomorrow my friend,

connie said...

Wow, That is absolute a beautiful thing. I guess we could have paid you rather than a webmaster oh blog master. Mitch, Pete and Jeff did 100 yesterday and had a wonderful time. I wish you the same for today.

Lots of love,