Monday, July 21, 2008

basic training

you are in the basic training phase of the tao of cycling. this is the part where you are given lots of information about the foundation, the what, where, how, who kind of things. some people find basic training rather boring, and would rather get on to the real thing, so I am trying to keep this groundwork information minimal and interspersed with more ~ hopefully ~ interesting things.

mondays, lately, are basic training days for me. they are my 'recovery rides', and I have mixed feelings about them. they are all about spinning my legs around without working too hard, keeping my heart rate under a certain number, and, unfortunately, learning to squish my ego.
yes, I've admitted to having one, and though it doesn't roar, it is a sometimes noisy component of my psyche.
my core training (and I'll give a plug here) was from J.R. Smith, and it was exactly what I needed to give me a firm foundation for what I have grown to love. his program worked us hard, but threw in copious amounts of 'recovery.' last summer when I started training hard for lotoja, I forgot the recovery part for a while . . . and then I hit a stretch of significant burnout.
I was concerned about true burnout (google 'adrenal burnout' if you want to scare yourself), and started researching training advice. thats when I found the suggestion that has guided me ever since and caused me to again thank JR, and that is to PUT IN THOSE RECOVERY RIDES! so, once a week now I go easy, and this is the difficult part, let other cyclists pass me. ARGGGH! sometimes I can hardly stand it, and sometimes I let my heart rate go just a teeny weeny bit above where it should . . .
picking the route is the hard part, as it needs to be fairly flat, which is A, almost impossible around here and B, boring. today the sky was sprinkling rain down upon me, off and on, for the entire ride, and that was my excitement. that and the sickeningly gorgeous blonde who passed me ~ twice, once in each direction ~ muscles glistening and quivering, working as hard as I knew I could be if I wasn't having a stupid basic training recovery day.

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