Saturday, March 31, 2012


taste cannot possibly be universal.

there are simply too many of us, too many differences between us, too much genetic variety. how could we possibly all be drawn to the same things?

yet it is common knowledge that we all are attracted by certain forms of design, specific dimensions, color combinations, and so on.

which all leads me to wonder how some cycling jerseys and team kits ever make it past the drawing board.


I saw a cyclist on the road yesterday wearing a team kit that just amazes me every time I see it (and I've seen these kits entirely too many times out there, meaning, I've seen them more than once). yep, the one in the picture above: people actually wear this out on the road.

I kid you not.

do they really think this is a good looking kit?? who designed it, who voted yes, and how many of them shudder and release their own sense of self when they put it on? no one---no one---looks good in this kit. they all look like they're wearing a child's halloween costume.

then there are white shorts. again, what are they thinking? there are zillions of colors out there: pick one! do not choose white shorts for a team kit. do not do it. a portion of the shorts can be white, but please, please, not the entire thing.

the best looking team kit I've seen lately is that of the barbacoa team: either they have the best looking men on their team, or it's a darn attractive kit. everyone wearing this kit looks good. (and one thing I've learned over the years is that most men---oh, so sorry---look more attractive when they're covered in helmet/glasses/etc out there on the road. when I see the lines of men checking in at events, in street clothes, they look like a bunch of ordinary people. cycling gear works for men like the Superman cape does. )

to return to my thesis, it is understandable that we are all pleased in different ways by different combinations of color, design, and thank God for this, as it brings a delightful variety to all of our experiences.

but then there are ford pintos, mullets, and brown/blue striped cycling team kits.

with my sincere apologies to the X-men cycling team members---who are probably wonderful people---I hope the next version of your team kit is, um, different. maybe call the barbacoa guys, they seem to have it nailed.

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