Saturday, March 3, 2012

life cycles

the power camp workout today was a series of 30-second efforts in zone 5, sprints, painful things.
there were 3 minutes of recovery between them, which were blissful minutes, fully enjoyed and appreciated.
at the end of each sprint I felt awful, and three minutes later, I was fine to go again.

life is like this.
a series of sprints---intense, challenging, sometimes breathtaking, sometimes painful---bracketed with periods of recovery.
and as brutal or difficult some of the sprints might be, it's the recovery phases that are often more exacting.
it's easy to love the highs, the intensity, the adrenaline, being challenged, being asked to step up and be our best, performing well, feeling a sense of accomplishment.
recovery, on the other hand, can be slow, can feel stagnant, can ask us to---argh---be patient, have faith. they say we only build strength during periods of recovery.

what life gives us is a balance of both, though it might not always feel that way. there are times when I feel I've been sprinting for much too long, and times when a lengthy recovery lulls me into despondency. patience, balance, faith.

today reminded me that life is full of opportunities for sprints, and full of opportunities for recovery. and although I like to think I'm in charge, I am apparently not.
it's like the universe is this great cosmic power camp coach, continuously demanding sprints, then forcing recovery. in an often random pattern, without prior notice, spontaneously.

I've been through a big sprint these last two months, and I'm suffering my way through a recovery week now, trying to dig up patience and faith, aching for a new sprint.
which will inevitably come, and I guess my job is to make the most of this recovery so that I'm ready.
for the next sprint.
any time now.
bring it on.
I'm going to be completely ready.
let's go.

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