Thursday, March 1, 2012

led zeppelin

bruno mars just doesn't cut it.
led zeppelin does.
as does the who, AC/DC, maybe some david bowie.
something loud, bangy, heavy drums, angry music.
this is what works when you have to crank your heartrate up to zone 5.

power camp coach leslie--she of trivia and wearing her clothes inside out by mistake--tends to play music from the hard rock era, many songs I've never heard before, most of them songs I wouldn't choose to listen to if given the option.
yesterday, she played this assortment of songs that included pop, things my girls might listen to, bruno mars.
and then she asked us to work in zone 4.

admittedly, zone 4 is not as tough as zone 5, but it's still challenging, and bruno mars just wasn't cutting it.

I love music, I love what it does for my mood, my energy, my outlook. chris martin and coldplay do something magical for my creative zone, and jewel confirms my experiences on earth. the black eyed peas often make me want to dance, van morrison helps me clean my house. too many artists to name send me into melancholic, romantic, dreamy places, and the bare naked ladies always make me grin.
if you've paid attention, you know that my fantasy is to one day be a back-up singer for a band.
I love music.

and in the spin room, during a hard workout, I even like that hard rock type of stuff I would never, ever ordinarily listen to, because it somehow numbs my mind to the pain of the body.
I don't know how it works, but music plays with our brains in beautiful, surprising and gratifying ways, and life without music would be . . . well,
lonely, dry, flat, unfathomable.
and I would sing in my head, quietly, off tune, praying for something to kick in and get me through zone 5.

thank God for led zeppelin, the who, AC/DC, korn.
and van morrison, eva cassidy, matt kearney, coldplay, jewel, josh groban, the beatles, shawn colvin, brahms, debussy, tchaikovsky, saint saens . . .

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