Sunday, April 1, 2012

I need some new sunglasses

today I think I'll go to REI.
I lost my good riding glasses in nepal last december and I need new ones. I'm thinking about the conversation I'll have with the salesperson; it might go something like this:

"excuse me, I'm looking for some sunglasses, could you help me?
I ride a bike; I ride a lot.
I really like the photochromic lenses, the ones that change as the daylight changes, because sometimes I start riding early in the morning when it's still kind of dark, then keep going all day.
it's really nice to have the lenses adjust.
I've had the kind that come with exchangeable lenses, but I'm not going to carry extra lenses with me while I ride--changing them out while I'm on the road--so I'd really prefer the photochromic ones, if you have any.
other than that, I really don't care too much what they look like.
oh, and I almost forgot, what's most important, they need to make me look really good.
beautiful, really.
and thinner.
oh, and taller.
do you think you can help me?
oh, they're right over there?
and they'll do all those things for me?
I'll take two.
make that three.
or, actually, I'll take them all, no need for anyone else to have sunglasses like these."

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Sam Times said...

LOL. I haven't laughed for a while now. That aside, having a sunglasses like that would be really convenient.