Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the two minute rule

you can do anything for two minutes.

how many times have you heard that? I hear it frequently, in power camp, when a coach is trying to convince us that zone 5 isn't that bad.
we hear it when we only have to visit zone 5 for two minutes (eight times, of course),
we hear it when we've been in zone 5 for 18 minutes and only have 2 more minutes to go.
it's an oft-repeated phrase, one I'd almost come to believe.

and then came yoga.

where there are hundreds of things I cannot do for two minutes.

some things I can only do for about 10 seconds, or maybe 5. (can you say dolphin pose? wheel?)
some things I can possibly do for one minute, but there are numerous--uncountable--things I cannot do for two.

yesterday's power camp workout was 6 intervals in zone 5 for five minutes each, with two minutes of recovery in between each interval.
two minutes is not a lot of recovery, but it's better than one.
I can recover for two minutes.

and some day, I'd like to be able to hold a headstand for two minutes.
because just as in cycling, much of it is mind over matter. it's convincing your mind that your body is capable.
it's not giving in.
it's working through the trembling, the shaking, the point of collapse, and coming out on the other side.

maybe someday I truly will be able to do anything for two minutes.
never give up the dream.
(and there will be more about dreams next post.)

namaste, and perhaps you should start timing yourself.

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