Monday, April 23, 2012


laurels are prickly, right?
that's why we don't rest on them.

quite a while back I worked as a buyer for nordstrom, where--as we used to say--you were only as good as yesterday's business. I found that attitude frustrating, because no matter how consistent my work efforts, my attention, and my commitment, I couldn't produce consistent increases in business. not all of the variable were in my control.
I had to learn to give myself my own kudos and not depend on external rewards, which is not a bad lesson to learn, but it is a challenging one.

back to laurels.
at nordstrom, you could never rest on them for long because before you knew it they were yanked out from under you.

now, cycling.
I'm talking little laurels here:
powering up a little incline, cresting a hill at powerful speed, passing someone who's riding hard and well... these kinds of little things that make you feel good.
and I let myself feel good--as it's happening--award myself a few laurels, and then keep going.
no resting.
because success comes when you keep going.
he who rests on his laurels will not only feel prickles, but will soon be passed.

smelling roses is awesome; resting at and appreciating the summit is key to keeping desire strong; acknowledging your efforts is vitally important.

but darn those laurel wreaths: they are designed to be just uncomfortable enough to challenge us onward.
no ouches for me . . . I'm still moving.

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