Monday, July 25, 2011

what to say

squirrel girl, hamstring, firecracker . . . the girl has a few nicknames.
if I could come up with a new one, it would simply be supergirl.

supergirl, aka ivy, rode her 520 miles this past weekend, ending at 3:30 this morning. as our biking buddy bob put it, she rode more this weekend than he's ridden all month.

I rode over 50 miles this morning, climbing about 5000 feet, and that was one-tenth of what she did.

so, I have little to say today.
every ride I've ever done pales (bleaches itself to nothing) in comparison to what this girl has done.
but perhaps this will be helpful: whenever I begin to feel tired, weak, sore, hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, miserable . . . I can just think of ivy and what she survived, riding straight through for 46 hours.

then I can just tuck my little head back down, suck it up, and---in ivy's infamous words---HTFU. (I'm too good of a girl to put the words out there, but maybe you can figure it out.)

I'm still glad to me, but I admire the squirrel girl like no other.
go, ivy, you are my hero!

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