Monday, July 11, 2011



I don't think a tire is supposed to look like this.

four miles into this morning's ride I began to hear a rhythmic thump which seemed to be coordinating with the turn of my wheel. there is nothing more lovely than a silent bike, but it's not often that I have one of those for longer than a ride or two. something is always happening. (how zen a statement is that?)

so, this morning when the thumping began, I just smiled, rolled my eyes, and thought, okay, something new to challenge my not-so-highly-evolved mechanical skills.

after a minute or two of cyclical thumps and a visual inspection that saw no culprit lodged between the brake pads and the wheel or anywhere else that could explain what I was hearing, I pulled over and stopped. leaning over my bike, I lifted the front end and spun the wheel and what did I see? what you see, above.

I don't think bike tires are supposed to look like that.

but, being already out on my ride . . .

yep, of course, I just kept going.

thinking that at any moment I might have a blowout.

or I might not.

I cornered carefully, I braked as little as possible, I tried to ride exactly like an unhappy tire would want me to.

and I made it home, to take this cool pic and post it here.

now I'm going to go fix the darn thing.

then next time I post I can tell you about my incredible, awesome, fabulous season-inaugural ride up millcreek canyon where the hummingbirds, mist, and deer came out to greet me . . .

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