Sunday, July 31, 2011

a missed anniversary

I can't believe myself sometimes.

I missed my own darn anniversary not quite 2 weeks ago, and didn't realize it until just now.
they say the mind is the first thing to go, don't they?

july 19, 2008, the tao of cycling launched itself into cyberspace, and here I am, three years later, still experiencing new events, seeing life through new eyes, viewing new fawns each spring, listening to a new generation of crickets each fall.
I began by posting every day, and made it through over a year that way, but then settled into my "odd day" posting pattern.

many days I ponder my purpose here (both on earth and in cyberspace), consider going on hiatus, and find myself unable to give it up and walk--I mean pedal--away.

today, as I reflect upon the past 3 years and 12 days, I'm not committing to another year; I'm simply committing to doing what I believe is best.

it's not yet time to stop riding,

and I think it's not yet time to stop writing here.

training is good.
training keeps us from resting on those prickly laurel wreathes (like those strewn all about my home.)

so happy anniversary, belatedly, to me,
and happy (and healthy, though weary) return to slc, to me,

and I think tomorrow I'll share my story of pedaling with 300 or so other slightly-wacky people from saintville to sinville.

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